Sex and the City


Hello guys!

Watching Sex and the City for the millionth time, makes me always reconsider life and all the paths taken just by making one decision.

An article in Cosmopolitan, insulting the show from the very first paragraph to the last, drove me nuts. Seriously, how crazy and delusional one can be to follow the steps of an imagined character and her understandings of the world and relationships? The script of the show is fiction compared to the books. They have nothing in common except the main characters’ names, of course.

The purpose of the blog? It does not have one. It started as a joke, emerged to a hobby and ended up being a diary.

Should I say more?

P.S. I get credit for the logo. However, most of the pictures are downloaded from Deviant art , some are mine. All of the stories are real. No names are used in the posts but these people do exist!



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