I had dinner with some friends and a very curious theme took most of our conversation.

The cliché about every person having a single soul-mate. Trying to understand a time when maybe, just maybe, this appeared to be true, couldn’t happen now. The era of real love and one soul-mate has passed. Now, we live in a harsh and taken-by-technology-and-smart-phones world. People got more cynical and kinky. What used to be wrong is now acceptable. What bothers me the most is that we don’t even trust love when it touches us.

In my opinion, every person has people with whom he/she is compatible with the most (hence soul-mates). I have encountered a few souls with which chemistry didn’t have to be forced. The flame starts from a single scratch. No matter how time manages to separate you and how many times you actually see them, the magic is still there. You start talking like you have never been away. Just think for a second with how many girls or boys the conversation flew flawlessly without even noticing it’s past midnight. But hey, what do I know? I have one that I want the most. However, I am so frightened to follow my heart that I will end up probably living with ten dogs and taking care of my friends’ children.  Untitled-1


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