Snail lovers


It is really nice to have time for your friends. While talking about life, love and so on, I thought about all the very sexual girls who have to put up with their “snail” lovers, as my friend called them.
Have you ever been in some kind of relationship with a man who is less sexual than you are? The bad thing is that women over think and start asking questions like: Is it me? Is it my body? Am I not sexy enough? Is he attracted to me? Does he even like me? What do I do?
My friend thinks that in many situations you just have to live with it because you can’t  have  both. You either have mind blowing sex and bad communication or the other way around – a man, who you have to force for a good fuck but you are best friends with and have the freedom to tell him everything.
In my opinion, there is someone for everyone with whom you can have best of both worlds. It really depends how lucky you are. What do you think?



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