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Last year, the journey of my life gave me an opportunity to look around Vienna for two days. Unfortunately, I did not have a lot of time to see it all.

However, here are three places I advise you to see, especially if it is a short visit. Me and my family walked to all the destinations, tiring and fulfilling. When we reached the final point, it was a blessing to sit down for even 5 minutes.

1. St. Stephen’s Cathedral

This is probably one of the best cathedrals eyes could lay on. I wanted to stay and look at it longer, although a construction was happening.

A little fact taken from Wien :

St. Stephen’s Cathedral is the symbol of Vienna. Construction commenced in the 12th century. Today, it is one of the most important Gothic structures in Austria.

And some photos:


2. The Vienna Naschmarkt

It is an amazingly long market full of different restaurants  with a long variety list of foods. My family and I, stopped for a beer. How could we not?

Sadly, there are no pictures of it, but if you would like to know more, please visit this website  —> www.wien.info .

3. Schönbrunn Palace 

The most stunning part of the whole day was the palace and its garden. Visit Empress Sisi’s former summer residence. This baroque complex contains an enchanting park, the Palm House, the Gloriette and a zoo.  A bit of history in the website mentioned above and loads of photos. The view of Vienna was dazzling.

DSC03955 DSC03963 DSC03965

Beautiful, isn’t it?

If you do have a to do list, Vienna is a must do city!



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