Kyoto Gardens and Little Venice


Hello there!

Haven’t been writing for a while now. Anyhow, the previous month in stead of buying shoes, I decided to explore one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Oh, in which by the way I live. Hence the name of the blog.

I have been living here for four years and still have done next to nothing. Can you imagine? People do say that we take for granted every single beauty and being swept away from the everyday life does not help making it less true. However, a close friend of mine visited me for four days and of course an adventure banner swirled in front of my eyes.

1.Holland park

Looking for hidden FREE gems in London, I came up on this beautiful garden situated in Holland park. I made it all easy for you, it is on the central line.

kyoto gardens map

Very easily reached and does not cost a thing to enjoy the Japanese style garden. I would not say more. Just take a look and you decide if it is breathtaking or what.




Be careful of those fluffy guys, they steal bounties.


2. Little Venice

Well, if you find the time to look around Holland park, you should definitely go for a walk in Little Venice. Warwick Avenue station is the closest, although google sent me to Maida Vale. It’s quite a long walk from there. Don’t make that mistake!

kyoto gardens map

Especially when the weather is nice, walk along the canal and enjoy the wild life. If you fancy going on a boat trip, this is definitely a good point to start.


Thanks! Untitled-1


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