Tinder-date or Tinder-hate?


Welcome to 21st century dating!

The ONE is just a swipe away! No more struggle, no more waiting for a prince to come and save you. If you have battery and internet, who needs a horse, right? Just swipe.

I still don’t know how to feel about this app.But again, I have love matching websites intolerance. At the moment I am doing a research on it and if it is worth the time. This time my profile on it lasted more than 24 hours. Yay! Or nay, because one guy actually used my name in intention of sleeping with me.

The good thing about Tinder is that guys can approach you only if you have matched and you can easily undo it. While in the other websites and apps, well, creeps are just around the corner and if you do not change the settings, you are f*cked. However, have you ever heard of google image search? Well, be aware. They can actually screenshot you!

Many of my friends have started using Tinder all the time. Can you imagine my surprise? So, being single, gives me the opportunity to reveal the truth behind it. My first date, if it actually happens and very negative about it by the way, will be next week on Wednesday. He already chose a place. Let’s just hope it is not the same place he takes every girl.  (Laughing inside and crying at the same time).

So far my opinion? You can get obsessed and check if the guy has been online, like all the time and swear at the app when it’s not working. As well as enjoy the boys who remind me of Johny Bravo. Not cool people! Trying to blow kisses or look like ducks is NOT sexy and should be made illegal for both males and females!

To be continued…



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