Be confident! Why are you not?


Hello to all ladies who like being independent and confident!

What does it actually mean? I faced with a girl whose understandings were not quite right. She told me stories about how whenever she did not have money, she was going out on Tinder dates and expected the boys to deal with the bill. Now, now, there is nothing wrong with leaving them to pay for drinks or whatever, we actually anticipate it from the date (not always though!). However, there is a lot if you expect all the people in the world to do that. She made me feel guilty because I am waiting for my wages so I could go out on a date. You should walk like you are the best thing that ever happened in the world and be all pretty, if you know what I mean. Her exact words.

Let me say, aaaa NO!?!?I walk the walk but not because of him. I dress up and make myself pretty definitely not because of him and definitely not because I want him to offer me a drink. Furthermore, because of girls like her, men think women are after their money. How could they not? I am sorry, there is nothing bad about having your own resources and being CONFIDENT! Independency is the best thing that could ever happen to a woman. Don’t you think? People like her are everywhere, it is her own choice how to live. Absolutely, yes. I would not try though, to convince someone to change their beliefs like she did with me. Every person is different, or at least I would like to think so and DO NOT LET anyone make you feel bad because of it!



One thought on “Be confident! Why are you not?

  1. Completely agree! I wont lie, when I was about 21 I would go on dates for reasons not far off from hers…but I realize now how childish, mean, and selfish it is! And how much more important self-worth is than free dinner


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