Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese


Wednesday went and with it, the first and may I say the last date from Tinder . I felt a bit weird because I have never been out with a geeky boy. SO sorry, for using this term, but he was, even his posture was wrong. Don’t forget the glasses, which he took off and looked so much different. He looked so much different on the pictures in his profile. I felt bad because I was attracted to everyone else BUT him. Anyway, the best thing of this experience was Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese pub. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”


It is quite the walk but it lets you burn some calories before the alcohol inserted in your system. The pub is situated in the centre of the town on Fleet street and is one of the oldest pubs standing. It was originally built in 1538 but destroyed after the Great Fire in 1666. Of course, shortly after that was rebuilt and has been there ever since.

The pub is a beautiful old scented maze of rooms, which offers an authentic memory and great beer. We did not have dinner, however, the bartender was really cute.

They also had an African grey parrot sitting in one of the rooms named Koko, who I genuinely was really happy to see and entertain, definitely more than my date.

I would recommend this place, especially if you like to travel back in time and feel ridiculously good! Just my 17s outfit was missing. Oh, well… There aren’t many photos of it inside. You will have to visit it yourself for the experience.

P.S. Charles Dickens used to drink there! ❤



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