Bonjour! I have been meaning to share this story with you for a long time but never got the time for it.

Last year November, if I could remember properly, with my crazy housemate went on adventure in Paris! For just two days we managed to visit the Eiffel Tower, Versailles, Notre Dame cathedral, The Louvre, Moulin Rouge and quite a lot more which I do not remember. It has been a year, don’t judge.

My housemate started one day with a sentence like: Hey, will you come on an adventure with me? And my answer was of course yes, however, no money, no adventures. She said: My dad is paying! Well, how do you say no to that?

We arrived at Paris Orly airport, eager for more! Found our hotel and soon after we were walking towards the Eiffel Tower! I could not imagine it more beautiful. Some people are very disappointed by the night lights show, but c’mon! It was smashing!

The first day we actually saw the tower twice, just in case we missed something. 😀

We managed to visit and the palace of Versailles. Unfortunately, it was closing and the gardens will be on my To Do’s list.

Starting with an amazing breakfast, the following day was as unforgettable as the previous one. The Louvre was sunny and welcoming, again no time to look around, but my housemate saw the Mona Lisa. She was very upset that it was so small.

Oh, Notre Dame was gorgeous. The details of the cathedral left me gasping for air. Unforgettably done. 10815650_864232160266071_337745244_n

My only wish to be honest was to see Moulin Rouge. We did, no time to go inside. My desire to enjoy a show is still with me. Next time, Paris, next time.


I swear if you have a crazy friend, take them with you, it makes the whole journey so much better! For example: walking randomly on the streets of Paris and seeing a huge slide in a Citroen showroom. Do you think we did it? Of course, the best 2 euros I have ever spent. 10799397_864232430266044_274079369_n

Well, see you next time Paris. Next stop Helsinki, Finland.



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