Reminiscence of you and me


Dobur den!

A week in Bulgaria was amazing but finished way too fast. Never mind, I am going back in December. Happy days!

A lot happened there: an astonishing wedding, an encounter with my ex and friends’ meeting, which got me a bit drunk. Putting two different groups together is not a very good idea. Firstly, paying attention to all of them is close to impossible. Secondly, alcohol helps you take the unnecessary stress. I love them all, but sometimes is a bit too much when they have mountains of difference! 😀

Well, the wedding was just gorgeous, although, her mother could have made less drama and created less uncomfortable situations. I managed to dance all night with my paper dolls from this post. You should have seen my feet though. I think they were triple the size. Alcohol helped a lot with the pain but not enough. I swear the walk from the taxi to my home, which is like five metres, was the longest walk ever. Could have not been any happier to take them off and feel the solid ground underneath my feet. What a blessing!

After a couple of days, I met up with a very familiar for me soul. Do not know how it happened and why, but it was really nice seeing him. Unfortunately, we both don’t know what we want and if it is worth it. It made me remember how good it used to be.

Enough with the rambling. Here are some pictures of the beautiful bride!





Blagodarq! And Enjoy your day!


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