Syon Park


Guten nacht!

An unexpected adventure is the best! On my way home, a friend and a colleague of mine surprisingly stopped me and asked if I am free the next two days. Interestingly, we both were off for the same days. Furthermore, she offered a one night getaway in Hilton London Syon Park with the promise of a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and spa.

It turned out, even with no money left in my bank account, the answer couldn’t be negative. Especially, if it is a staff rate.


The hotel is situated in the middle of the park which gives you the opportunity to feel like an actual holiday. The autumn is fully on and it made it look like a fairy-tale. We did not want to return to reality. The drinks, the dinner, the staff, everything was amazing. Oh, and the swimming pool was pure joy.

The travelling was not long and definitely not expensive. The park, oh my, do not have words. There is even a secret garden but you need to see it yourselves.

Here are some pictures:






Thank you for visiting!



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