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DIY – Origami with fairy light



This is the first post from DIY, which btw has been in my mind for like three or four months. I finally managed to put it together.

When I moved in my new place, the walls were so white and empty that my brain started pinning ideas on an imaginary board. What could I put on a white wall without having to make holes in it?

The answer is fairy lights! For me, it was too white. I prefer being surrounded by colours and a bit too much of them.

What will you need? It is simple:

  • Scissors
  • Blue tack ( bought for 1 pound from my local store )
  • Fairy lights ( bought them from Ebay in purple )
  • Paper
  • Batteries

The origami paper forms could be made to your liking. I chose a square, butterfly and a flower. After creating them, put the batteries in the fairy lights, attach them to the wall with the blue tack and put the origami forms.

This is what I got! There are photos of me and my friends in between the ups and downs of the lights. The only bad thing about this, the lights could fall on top of your head when it’s too warm while you are sleeping. Happened quite a few times, I do not possess any more angels or devils. They all flew away.

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you like it!




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