Caudalie hand and nail cream


Good afternoon!

Lately I have been finding more and more time to write, which actually makes me really happy!

This beautiful cold day reminds that winter is coming. Hands being dry and cracked is nothing new I guess. However, my skin is really difficult. Sometimes is so greasy and other times is completely dry. Go figure.

Finding the best solution was essential and happened only because of My Little Box! It was delivered to my door with Caudalie hand and nail cream full size! Firstly the smell, seriously addictive with continuous sniffing. Secondly, and most importantly, leaves your skin so beautifully soft with no greasy film. Have you ever tried to open a draw with a metallic smooth handle after putting oily hand cream? Impossibru! It is £12 pounds, a bit expensive, but totally worth it!  Definitely recommend you to try it!

Thank you so much for visiting and please, share your favourite hand creams! I would love to hear about it!



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