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Day 2


The second day is all about something someone told me about myself which I never forgot.

Thinking about it, there are a lot of stuff and information I actually learnt from others about me. I believe we are very blind of our own flaws and all.

Once my ex told me that I am very selfish, keep in mind I used to live with him about four years ago. Having no brothers or sisters and learning how to share my parents’ love with my dog was hard enough, but this…The first time it hit me was when the boy left a single candy as a test. He said to me: Here you go, I left it for you. I did not ask if he would like some, I assumed that he had and I ate it. Foolish of me. He then said : we are together for six months now and you still don’t share anything with me or at least ask if I would have some. You are so SELFISH! I swear the candy got stuck in my throat. It was so horrible, but very true.

Not anymore, I learnt the hard way that sharing is caring.

So this is it, obviously I can keep going but don’t like exceeding the usual word count.

Have fun guys! And see you tomorrow for day three!




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