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Day 3


What are your top three pet peeves?

  1. You love your dog more than people?

Yes, how observant you are. I love him more than your annoying children as well. He is the most loving creature a human being can ever touch and be blessed to know. He never upsets me the way people do and he is always there when I have nightmares.


2. Your stupid facebook statuses, which you cannot actually write because you probably missed reading a book or two. Especially when your write in Bulgarian. What is the matter with you? It is your own language, are you retarded?


3. Seriously, you like living in your world, I like living in mine. You cannot enter my world and I do not like you at all if you do that. There is a line and you are definitely crossing it. Oh, and for all the people who decide to text me when I am reading, bravo! Clap, clap, clap! Do you have a radar or something?

There are a lot more pet peeves than I actually thought, people are very annoying sometimes and mean, too. Don’t judge, I bet there are things that would drive you nuts as well. Please, tell them.

Thank you so much and see you for day four!



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