Challenges · The 30 day one

Day 5


List five places you want to visit.

1. Mexico city
2. New York
3. The Hague
4. Paris
5. South America

The first city is because of my Mexicana whom I miss on a daily basis.   One of the brightest and sweetest people I know. She promised a two week adventure one day! I really hope it happens next year.

New York because of my crazy Italian – American housemate who drove me nuts and was always in my room digging a place in my heart. London has truly met me with annoyingly awesome people. I would love to se her crazy ass again.

The third town I am planning on moving in. It is situated on the sea and could not look more gorgeous, even if I wanted it to. Dutch sounds hhhardly easy too.

Paris, again. I felt like I needed more time to explore. It was an unforgettably beautiful city. Wish I knew French so I could jadore all the streets and boutiques.

South America sounds like loads of fun and dancing, beaches, sun, water, tan. How could I not want to go there?

Thank you for reading!


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