The 30 day one

Day 10


Write about something for which you feel strongly.

I started my job exactly six months ago. Full of dreams and hope. Turns out that it is not at all what was expected. I got actually really disappointed. However, my boss was really cool, at least in the beginning. Maybe then she actually cared. Now, don’t think it is the case. This is upsetting me really much and I have this really strong feeling of confronting her about it. Why have you changed? Why are you so intense? Why don’t you have any power at all? Why are you not defending us and even if you are, tell us about it?

Oh, a couple of days ago the laptop I had, drove me mad so I hit it, like three or more times. After this incident, it almost stopped working. A new one was bought which leaves me again with no money at all. 😀 The good thing is this one is amazing! Hopefully will make me present more often.

Thank you !



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