The 30 day one · Uncategorized

Day 15


Wow, half of it done! So proud of me!

Bullet point your whole day:

  •  Woke up from my stupid housemates
  •  Did my morning routine in the bathroom
  •  Made a coffee and breakfast
  •  Watched The golden girls
  •  Played League of Legends
  •  Made a face mask with egg white
  • Damn I look horrible, I’d better read a book, fell asleep for 30 mins
  • Took a shower
  • Dressed up for work and made myself look like a human
  • Worked for 8 too long hours because I was fucking alone, got so tired
  • Went home
  • Made a herbal potion, too much stress
  • Watched the Golden girls
  • Went to sleep



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