The 30 day one

Day 19


Discuss your first love.

Every person has experienced it. For some it was shared, for others not. Mine definitely was passionate, self-absorbing , self-destroying and unforgettable.

The first time I saw him, something made me smile like the universe was shining in my soul. Then he found me and it all started. He asked me out three times and I said no to all of them. Then decided to give him a chance but he was the uncertain one. The ride was bumpy from the beginning. Everything changed after our first date. He turned my world around, swept me off my feet and took my heart. He used to bring me a rose everyday and buy me Coca-Cola and my favourite chocolates Raffaelo.  Good times, but life hit us hard and shook our ground. We were alright for a time, then I came here. Everything fell apart. Don’t know whose fault it was, I blamed him for a long time and tried to hate him.

And that was that.


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