The 30 day one

Day 18


Post 30 facts about yourself.

Very long one. Challenge accepted!

  1. Last year is the first one I tried to draw my dog. It turned out to be pretty good.
  2. I am addicted to shoes, but you should already know that.
  3. My room is very colorful. A bit like a gypsy.
  4. I still haven’t read the Fifty shades of grey books, but watched the movie and I liked it.
  5. I have two clementines, which I need to move soon in a bigger pot.
  6. In my closet there are still unworn dresses and shoes.
  7. Addicted to my little box. It’s really cool.
  8. I like having naps all the time.
  9. Love Coca-cola, although, do not drink it as often. Trying to be healthy.
  10. I hate sleeping with socks.
  11. My favourite colour is purple, however, most of my clothes are grey and black.
  12. I like dolling up sometimes.
  13. I believe in magic. And angels. And fairies.
  14. Dreaming is the strongest trait I have.
  15. I sing.
  16. I try to dance.
  17. Have been delaying workout for 8 days now.
  18. I like my coffee with a spoon of Nesquik.
  19. I have a pink rabbit. The slim one.
  20. Wow, I find these 30 facts really exhausting.
  21. I sing when no one is around while walking home. Loud.
  22. Not a morning person.
  23. Want to sign up for a shoe designing course and follow the steps of Sophia Webster.
  24. I am very sloppy and clumsy most of the times.
  25. I forget sometimes what I am talking about and could not remember. It could be a disease. 😀
  26. Love teasing people.
  27. This is even harder than it looks.
  28. I don’t cut oranges and find that really disturbing when other people do it. I peal it with hands.
  29. Don’t really like bananas but love cooking with them.
  30. Wow, I finished this day’s challenge.

It looks like I am not that interesting after all.

Thank you!



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