The 30 day one

Day 20


Post about three celebrity crushes.

Orlando Bloom – the moment I saw this beautiful British guy, I just fell in love. And being a teenager at that time, allowed me to stalk him and hang posters all over my room. Especially, over my bed. I loved imagining how we meet and talk about our lives. 😀 I even made a whole notebook with articles from teen magazines. Unfortunately, my dog felt left out and ruined My Precious notebook. Did not fall for anybody else like that ever again. I got obsessed with Lucky – the bad Dalmatian who ate Orli.



Jennifer Aniston – an amazing woman. Love watching friends and she is an astonishing actress. I watch every movie she plays in and admire her beauty and character. Just, wow.


Jennifer Lawrence – she represents for me a real woman, who is beautiful, funny, clumsy and sexy for being stupid. It amazes me how natural, comfortable and normal she reacts.


Blake Lively – I fell in love with her from the moment I saw her in Gossip Girl. She is such a delightful soul. I am following her instagram, and for me, she is one of the true people who matter in this world. Celebrity  or not, she is just an ordinary flaky girl. Love her.

OK, this is it. Will not make it any longer, just could not miss Blake.

Thank you!Untitled-1


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