A fiancé is too fancy?


Recently, a colleague of mine started working with our team and, as girls usually do, started talking about our men. Through the whole conversation she always mentioned – my boyfriend.

We talked about many things, I don’t even remember what about. However, at some point I recommended  St. Dunstan for them both to visit – the bombed church situated in the middle of London, which is the most romantic place I have ever seen. I said to her” If your boy wants to propose, this is the place.” And she quietly answered” He already did.”

Do you see my confusion? Of course, being a noisy person, I started interrogating her for the reasons why someone would call her fiancé – boyfriend and with a simple smile she said” It is too fancy! “. They are engaged for two and a half years now!

It made me think how do people actually imagine your relationship when you say one or the other? Is it not serious enough if you are calling him boyfriend and when you mention the word fiancé is all of a sudden totally different? Is it? What do you think?

In my opinion, the labels do not count as long as you are walking on air. You should call your other half whatever names you want. Who cares what other think and how they react? Be happy! They are not living your life!



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