Noxidoxi Mask & Peel


New year, new beginning, new My Little Box. Awesome stuff and introduction to an amazing Mask & Peel.


When the box arrived, it was just 20 minutes before work and me, being the excited idiot I am, had to try the Mask & Peel without actually researching it or trying to at least translate the French description of the product. Not even thinking about what even peel as a verb means.

Soooo, After 2 minutes of putting the mask, my skin felt irritated a bit. I thought, yeah, it is definitely working. By the way, you can use Noxidoxi as a mask or as a scrub, however, as a mask it should be on your skin no more than 3 minutes as said on the website. This description was not given in the information of the box. I left it for 5 minutes and looked like a tomato. Thank god outside was nice and cold.

When the burning sensation was gone, my skin looked refreshed, glowing and kind of astonishing. Did not expect that. The only thing I still don’t know is, how often exactly can you use it. For now, I decided two times a week. If it feels too much, once a week.  If you would like to learn more about it and the brand itself, just press here. I will definitely be buying it when my sample is finished.

Great work Noxidoxi!





6 thoughts on “Noxidoxi Mask & Peel

    1. 😀 I know, I also received another one in my little home box . They did me a favour. They thought I was annoyed receiving another one of those so in the march box, there were 4 products in stead of one!


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