Dream big


I have been missing a lot of things lately. Mostly, inspiration to write.

The reason this post is named Dream big is because dreaming is my inspiration. My mother taught me that I could do anything in the world. I could be whoever I want to be and she did not lie.

My imagination only grew stronger and wider. I did not need books or movies. My brain created a whole new universe with magic mirrors teleporting you in another full of magic world where everything impossible existed.

For my disappointment, the real world after growing up is, well, shitty. Looking for something to lighten up your dark thoughts and grey day, because you live in London, is hardly achieved. This is why they created Pinterest! Yay!

Being kinda depressed and sad, here are some photos from Pinterest which made me feel a bit colourful and warm. 🙂 Never give up dreaming! I was made for it.

Thank you for visiting!



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