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DIY Canopy with glow in the dark stars


Hello my darlings and dears!

This idea has been in my head for almost a century now and it was the time to make it a reality!


As I live and breathe, my home is my safest place on earth. However, being in another country is completely different case, but, I try to make it as close as possible to my realm.

Since a kid with sleek hair and big dreams, I always imagined living in a big castle, big bedroom and on top of my bed, a canopy. How cool would that be?! Right? Maybe I listened 1001 Arabian nights too much. This is my room without the canopy and the stars. I am moving houses on 31st of this month, but the rooms look exactly the same.


Last month, being a bit richer than usual, made it possible. It is not the effect and picture I imagined, but what the hell, it is close enough. By the way, you can see the DIY fairy lights from this post on this picture with the photos around.

All the materials were bought from Amazon. They were good enough quality for the money and frankly, it was such a pleasure to put them on.

I ordered the stars from here  and to be quite honest, 50 is more than enough. The only downside of them, the glow does not last as long as I expected. Originally, there were put all around the ceiling. When my boy was visiting, he moved them inside the lamp. Now my chandelier looks like a small galaxy.


The canopy arrived in exactly the color shown on the picture. I chose blue, just because I thought it is not colorful enough. 😀  It had a big scale, from which I got rid of. My lamp was not big enough for it. You can find the canopy here.  Be careful when trying to recreate the look you want. The fabric is very sensitive and easily ruined. I ripped the top bit where the scale was, so I could tie it around the cable of the chandelier. It has 5 pieces sewn together and I divided it into two – two – one. I rarely put it down but when I do, it is awesome. The two sides were fastened to the walls by blue tack with ribbons from My Little Box stuck, which they send every month with the box to hold the products together. There it is:


I loved it and have been thinking of putting a bit of lace on it too.



The products made into a list: 

A canopy in whichever colour you want.

Glowing stars.


Blue tack.


If you do try to make a different version of it, please, you are more than welcomed to share! 

Thank you.




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