Moving – the beginning


Good afternoon people! It’s a four day working week, yay! Love it. Wish could have it all the time.

For the time being, obviously, it is far better than it ever was. I have never had four days off just because it was Easter. Working in hospitality was pretty harsh and definitely would not go for it again. Wasting 10 days in a row like twice a month ain’t cool, literally spending all your time in the hotel was absolutely unforgettable. Loved it NOT. At least I met brilliant people, whom were the only good side of it. I would advice people who have never had the pleasure of getting involved in this type of business, to do their research real’ good and dig deep for all the downsides before you start. Otherwise, you would lose time and money for this exceptional experience.


After this long weekend, I am moving. I would like to transform the room into my small paradise and this is the reason for the post. Join me in this maybe short- long journey to a DIY room. I already liked a couple of items for it.


The landlord is letting me paint it as well. How cool is that? He does not know I would go madly creative.

I will enjoy it and take advantage of it fully!





This is the room now.

Pretty dark and basic. It will change soon. Just bare with me and we would create LOVELY piece of art.

Thank you for stopping by and stay tuned for more!






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