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The Wish one


Good afternoon people! Alive or not, it is almost Friday again! I am one of those now, hehe. Grinning very evilly, if there is such a word. If not, well, tough.

This is the first post for My little box and the whole concept.

I remember mentioning it in another blog post, which I was trying to find, up till now. Just press here, if you WISH. ^^ The box is quite different from the other beauty subscriptions.

  1. Firstly, it comes straight from Paris, hence the £ 3.95 postage. Paid via direct debit taken once a month, the box arrives roughly between 8th and 20th. It was only once late than the mentioned dates. The awesome team makes sure that you are informed and if your products ever duplicate, in the next box you will receive a 4th product! I love you people. It is like you know me.
  2. It is perfect for beauty bloggers and dozy girls, just like me. I am quite fond of cosmetic products, however, would’t like it if it was only makeup.
  3. It has small surprises. Either fashion accessories; or useful items like a big nice box for biscuits and apron for cooking.
  4. The magazine – small, very helpful for easy hairstyles and must do things in life to be happy. Lovely.

Let’s continue with the actual description… The January box was called My Little Wish Box and looked awesome. I am obsessed, literally, with dandelions. You should see the garden in Bulgaria. Feeling very proud of it. I do pity people with allergies though, because when the  wind blows, becomes like dead pool for them.

1 – The box itself represents the company and their fun way of presenting beautiful drawings. We should pay more attention to the small things in life, like the every month stickers you also get. I use my empty boxes as organizers too.

2 – The three products:


  • The first item on the left, a 50 ml sample of ROSA CENTIFOLIA™ 3-IN-1 CLEANSING WATER. It was so tender with my skin. Using it after the tea tree cleanser from the body shop, gave it a slight glow and soft touch. Loved it. Definitely recommend it.
  • The middle, Baume Make a wish My little beauty makes your lips shine with a brighter colour, making them instantly soft and protected from the winter damp wind. Love it. It is always in my bag.
  • The last product on the picture is not the one I got, however, there was a special post about the Mask & Peel Noxidoxi, just press here.

3 – The 2016 Diary


Isn’t it pretty? This notebook has become my dearest item, using it!

4 – Beautiful bracelets which go basically with every outfit you own.

5 – My little box card with a quote and cheeky drawings. I am going home soon and will put pictures of the wall above my bed. It is so colorful. Makes me daydream at night.

6 – The magazine full of interviews, keeping up to date with Parisian fashion and all the good stuff.

This is probably the longest post I have ever written, so forgive me. I went over my own limit. Unfortunately, there is no other way to explain my gratitude to this company. I would love to work for them one day. Wish,wish, wish.

Thank you.

P.S. The My little box team gets credit for the photos. Please, check them out !



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