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DIY headband


The other night, bored to death, remembered an old cardigan I have and was wondering why am I keeping it. The material is really soft and as usual, my skin is not only overly oily, but also easily irritated by harsh fabric. Headband for me becomes like a hunt. So far, could not find anything appropriate and soft enough, which is cheap as well.

Annnddd, thought why not cut this cardigan and plait myself a headband. I did not watch any videos of how to plait with so many strips. However, I figured it out on the go. This is why it looks a bit strange in the beginning.

If you want to try it as well, all you need is a cardigan, scissors and a stick. Here are some pictures of the process. In my opinion, looks good for the reason it was made, which was to stop my bangs falling when taking off my makeup.


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