Moving #2



A week has passed in my new place and I already made a furry friend. I even bought walnuts for him/her. Not quite sure what it is.



Moving things around is not fun. Hate changing places, but it has actually started looking like MY room. Tiny, but cosy. I decided to buy an open wardrobe because it will not take as much space as the rest. Ordered it from Amazon and it was the best £23 spent. It is big and looks pretty. Do not know how I managed to kinda calculate the space between the white screen and the wall, however, it fitted perfectly. It was quite amusing to put it together, my mom and dad laughed at me watching me though skype, like a lot. Had a very colourful language whilst trying to figure out how to build it. Nevermind, this passed.

There are some pictures of, what I think, beautiful and sunny room. Even managed to buy some more books, and make up.

Thank you!



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