My Little Box

The Home one


Good morning sleepy birds!

Let’s start the day with the second box received this year. As you all know now, what My Little Box is (if you don’t, just click here),we will continue with the review of it.

I was nicely surprised by their creativity, once again, of putting so many essential items in one small box. We gotta be honest with ourselves, who does not need a cute pillow case (which by the way, still have not used), a light blue picture frame and a lovely magazine! Plus, I got another amaizng NoxiDoxi, as it is mentioned in the previous post; and a bunch of other products.


Continuing with the discussion…

It arrived, as usual, on time and in a pretty package. The only thing I am sorry for, is leaving all the stickers behind in my previous wardrobe.

  • The first product (from the right, just to confuse you), is the EASY MORNING – SOIN PERFECTEUR VISAGE – MY LITTLE BEAUTY. Again, as usual, one of their products that makes me just madly in love. I use it only on weekends because it moisturises my skin too much (oily horrible skin), however, its delightful smell and tiny sparkles, put it right up the list of products I adore. definitely, recommend it. You look bright and rested.
  • The second one, which is not on the picture. I am afraid, I just love confusing you! 😀 My Little Box team put a body cream from Mitcell and peach. The aroma is like spring and summer put in a small bottle. Still saving it for the warm season coming up! It makes my skin baby soft and gives a healthy glow. Again, just love it.

There is no need to explain about NoxiDoxi, probably mentioned more than any product in this blog. LOL. I use it very often as it keeps my face skin fresh and cleansed.

This is it guys! Thank you! Oh, and I have twitter now! If you would like to follow me – @BulgarianIL!


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