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Nike Air Max Cherry Blossom White / University Blue/White

cherry-blossom-nike-air-max-1-womens-1Hello peeps!

Long time, no see! Well, busy with work and an upcoming travelling to Bulgaria. I know, again.

I have been waiting to share with you these trainers for almost a week now. And I am not the girl, who buys sporty shoes. But you already know that if you do follow my blog.

First of all, my patience was almost gone before I got them. My heart ached with the numbers going out of my balance. However, I am in love. They are everything I ever imagined, thought, pictured and so on. Very spring like and comfy. High enough to not make me look like a dwarf with big feet. I bought a size 4(37) when usually size 3(36) fits. White and flowery, what could go wrong? I love cherry blossoms. They are truly my favourite. Here is a picture and soon a post with the whole outfit, or two.
Thanks and stay tuned!


7 thoughts on “Nike Air Max Cherry Blossom White / University Blue/White

    1. These are for walking mostly. Very comfortable but would not recommend for running. They have a whole collection of the cherry blossom nike. Just look it up in . 🙂 I hope this info helps u choose. They are pretty stunning.

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