Home in May




My holiday started with a missed flight and a 24 hour wait at the airport. Although, it was not as bad as I would have expected, lost a whole day of adventures, cuddles and alcohol. Lesson definitely learnt.

Never mind that, my boy picked me up as usual. Lovely night, massage and a long waited shower.

The following day exhaustion got me. It was so sunny and smelled like spring. I ate strawberries from my grandma’s yard! Have not done that in almost 5 years. How time flies!

The week was wet and cold. The only good thing I did was to put some highlights in my hair. This was basically it. Stayed at home all the time, except one of the nights where I met one of my friends and her boyfriend. She looked so in love and so happy. It was beautiful to see and experience.

The past weekend – full of emotions and walks in the nice part of Sofia. Enjoyed it so much that I did not want to come back here at all.  It could not have been better than that. Mojitos, hugs, movies and laughs. And the view… well, see for yourself.

I would love to go back one day when all my goals are achieved. I am getting there, although quite slowly. It is satisfying to know at some point you would grow old in your house, in your home. I hope.

My baby love (the dalmatian Lucky)  is getting older but on the good side will have the company of my grandma, who moved in with my family after her house was sold. She came with a loving Karakachan dog.  Good times.

There are some pictures. Forgive me, most of them are from inside because of the weather.


Thank you for visiting!




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