Strawberry mojito


I realized half way through the day, I could post the recipe for the home made strawberry mojito we made with my boy.

You will need:

1 or 2 packs of strawberries

Fresh mint leaves (as many as you want)

4/5 limes

Rum 200 ml (4 servings)

Sparkling water 400 ml (4 servings)

If you like, some strawberry liquor or syrup


How to: 

Firstly, you will need two glasses, we used the Star Wars tall tumblers. Put some sugar on the bottom, 2 tea spoons in each.

Cut the lime on wedges and drop three pieces in each glass.

Cut all strawberries and get rid of the green leaves. Put somewhere where it would be easily mixed and mashed, and add all the ingredients together. Choose clean fresh mint leaves and add the slices of lime (again, as many as you want). Start mashing and mixing until all of it looks horrible. 😀 Pour the rum and the sparkling water, mix with a spoon. Voila! You are done!

If you prefer it sweeter, add some syrup or more sugar. It is up to you! Ours turned out very nice and refreshing, a bit sour though. The great company made up for that.

Please, share your comments if you decide to try it out! Thanks!




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