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February love


A long wait for lovely photos, but they are finally here and I can share a whole story with you about them.

Early mornings are the worst, however, when waiting at the airport for your boy, makes a  lot of difference.

I had prepared a proper vacation activities and loads of walking but I was reminded quite politely that he is coming to see me, not the city. Take it easy girl, he repeated. 😀 Overly excited, had to take a step back. This is why it turned out to be the sweetest and most relaxed week ever.

The first day, we took it slow with just a half an hour walk and enjoyment of the views. Limehouse is perfect for it. The area is quiet and charming. Did I mention that it was the coldest weather ever for this year?



Just a scooter in the river. Again, why not? I imagined a drunk person who thought his vehicle  was too dirty. Bet it sounded like the perfect idea ever.


The second day walked around Canary Wharf, went to see Cutty Sark, the breath-taking Greenwich park with National Maritime Museum and last but not least – the Emirates Cable cars. a274b91bc084626504605aefdcebcf7a4416baac6a31dc1a94c82b53bdba9265_full


I bought a really cool bracelet with moon rocks and a key chain with a calendar on it.




Third day was only sightseeing and loads of cold briny wind.

And after four years in London, I finally went on the London Eye with the person I have always imagined doing so.

On Sunday we managed to drag ourselves to Hilton Syon Park. If you remember from this post. It was the perfect getaway from my loud neighbours. We swam, had a lovely dinner and loads of … nice stuff. Followed by a lazy morning, fulfilling breakfast and naps. I would say it was the perfect day.

The night before his flight, cooked great dinner and enjoyed each other’s company.


P.S. on the last photo you could see the bracelet mentioned earlier.

Thank you!



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