Camden town


Good morning people around the world!

Before heading for adventures last Saturday with my housemate, me and sleeping beauty (the nickname of a close friend) went for a coffee and a chat in Notes in West India Quay. This is how you should start every day no matter where and what! They served the best brownie I have ever eaten – Chocolate salted caramel one. Yes, please!


I made it to Camden town after that. Finally!

We walked around, ate Mexican food and pretended to be professional pole dancers. 😀 Don’t ask.

It is one of the neighbourhoods you should definitely check out while visiting. It is full of colours, people and food. Mother of tasty delicious food. It is all there. All available for you and the range is wide.

One of the buildings, where we pretended to spin around a pole, you could actually hire the rooms and there is a stage for performing. Singers can promote themselves and people listen to music performers for free. You just chill on sofas and enjoy the music.

There is a really interesting store called Cyberdog, which I believe you should not miss. I would love to visit it during the night as well. My mate told me it was a pretty good place for partying.

There were pole dancers, dancers and hella lot of neon colour. If you are into kinky stuff, this is the place to be. Enough with the ramblings. Here are some photos and mad hatters.

Thank you for reading and visiting!



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