Shoreditch and Brick Lane market


Good morning y’all!



How are you people on a beautiful Monday like this? Another Saturday, another adventure.

This time it was Shoreditch and Brick Lane market. Are you interested in vintage clothing, accessories and all the goodies? Do you like colours and street art? This is the right place for you. We even got to see a wedding happening in the famous Shoreditch church.

It was so easy to reach as well, it is right on the overground line.

William Shakespeare actually wrote and performed plays in the area as well.

It is a very different  than the rest of London because of its markets full of ridiculously good and normal priced unique stuff. Whatever you like, it is there.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the doughnut from Crosstown with cinnamon and some sugar in stead of an energy bar. Because you know, going to the gym means you can eat everything. Not. 😀

And some photos from the actual place and me – posing weirdly and making my house mate cut my head. 😀

Thank you for visiting!

P.S. This post supposed to be written two weeks ago on a Monday. Please, do not judge.

Oh, the outfit is really simple:

T-shirt – My Little Box

Cardigan – Zara

Leggings – no one remembers

Bag – My little box

Necklace – Spain

Bracelet – explained in this post.

Trainers – if you want to know, click here.



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