Limehouse Cut and Mile End Park


Good morning beauts!

Every day full of adventures is a day not wasted. After work, it was so nice and warm that me and my Hungarian sleeping beauty went for a walk next to the canal. It was so summery and hot that we opened the season with flip flops, tops and skirts!


The walk itself was not as long as I wanted, because my end point was Victoria Park. Unfortunately, it is the season for allergies and my sleeping beauty was not sleeping anymore. Sneezing and all, I laughed a lot. The poor thing hated me because I was having fun and she was suffering. We kinda stopped just before the park itself. Oh, well. Next time.


There was so much wild life, bikers with their annoying bells and running people. It felt a bit like gym workout, because you had to move to the side a lot. We both got so irritated.


I am eager to find more and more places like these. Exploring is extremely fun way to keep your life just a tiny bit more extra spicy. Like finding swings and enjoying star gazing with so many clouds in the middle of the night, where winds are pinching your skin but the company of the person next to you is all that matters. And walking on the beach trying to reach a volleyball ball – so close and yet, so far.  These moments matter.

Until next time…<3



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