American flapjack pancakes


This recipe is so widely known, it is unbelievable. However, this is my experience and my mistakes.


What you need: 

Milk – 1 mug

Flour – 1 mug

1/4 tea spoon of salt

2 spoons of sugar

1 tea spoon of baking powder

1 egg

Butter for frying.

Honey / Melted chocolate

Strawberries / Bananas / Blueberries

How to: 

In a large bowl mix the flour, the salt, the sugar and the baking powder together. In a different one, beat the egg and add the milk. If you add melted butter to the second mixture, as some recipes suggest, you will end up throwing away all of it. Mix the two ready substances together.

On low heat, with a non sticking frying pan, melt the butter. Do NOT put too much of it or  at least three of your pancakes will be ruined and soaked with calories. Yummy. I ate mine anyways.

I melted sugared honey and spread it all over the most beautiful pancakes I have ever made. Add the strawberries, cut and cleaned from anything horrible or green. And voila – the best chef your people will ever see!

Of course, you can make them pretty much with everything. For example: different syrup, fruits, why not bacon or eggs. As I said, everything. There are photos of mine. Please, do not pay attention to the horrible darkness. I live in London and it was a morning on a Sunday. I am so lucky.

Do not be shy and if you do try to make them, please share yours in comment box below!



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