My precious

Misguided Diamante ankle strap heeled sandals


An upcoming wedding and trip to Bulgaria forced me to look through every website existing with the beautiful big sign SALE slapped on it.

Lacking any time to go shopping, online stores were the solution. I chose Misguided, Boohoo and ASOS, the to be honest, did not go wrong. Every item was as expected, expect one, which was more about the material.

I expected the heels to look really crappy because of the price. For £8, is it possible to have good quality heels? And the pictures on the website are not very nice. Extreme balancing will be needed for them because of the height: 5″ or 12.5 cm. Is that too extreme? It will be definitely a challenge for intermediate walking. I really adore them even though velvet, and believe, they are the perfect something extra for the wedding.


Thanks for reading! Check all the sales people!



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