Skin Boosting Smoothie


Good evening everyone! Long time no see! I went to Luzern for a weekend, however, still waiting for the pictures. My loco has forgotten about me. I hope will be able to share all the good things about my journey very soon.

Today is Sunday and as you all know and predict, this would be the day for brunches or home chores.

It is a simple recipe and to be honest, turned out to be delicious.


1 banana

5/6 cherry tomatoes

A hand full of kale

2 small carrots or one big

hand full of walnuts

a bit of broccoli

100 ml water

There will not be how to because you cut the carrots and the banana; and put everything in the blender.

The skin starts glowing and regenerates much faster than usual. Try using it every day for a week. You will see results in the next couple of days.

All the ingredients are for better looking skin except the banana. I used to make it with an orange, but trust me, it is not that good.


If you make it and try it, please share!

Thank you!



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