My Little Beauty Spray Beach Hair


Good morning! Welcome back to me!

Wow, being busy is nice but means blogging directly goes last. Not cool. Not cool. However, I still read your posts so please, keep it up!

Today I want to discuss a beauty product delivered from My Little Box. Man, I lo-lo-lo-love this spray! It saved me during my holiday and all the sun that kissed my skin and hair. I forgot all my hair product and the last thing

It smells heavenly and makes me think of summer, water, memories, friends, laughter. My Little Beauty did real good. Clapping!

I would definitely buy it again when it finishes. The spray itself contains UV filter. They say that it makes your hair wavy, however, for a dead straight hair it is not possible. Still loved it. And was using it all over my head all the time after showering.

If you have tried the product or decide to give it a go – you can click here!

Thank you for reading and stay tuned! More is coming!


The pictures have been taken from My Little Box.



3 thoughts on “My Little Beauty Spray Beach Hair

    1. Oh, yes! It would be perfect for your hair! I was using it literally all the time. 😀 I am addicted to the scent.


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