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Good afternoon all! It has been quite a while now since I mentioned going to Switzerland, however, this sun-day is the day!

I am back in London, with hopefully more adventures to come! Luzern was, well, cannot even describe it – the air, the scent of water and mountains! I did not want to leave! I did spent most of the weekend being tipsy. It was just what I needed after a couple o f weeks life drama.

I will start from the beginning.

Money and Basel

The whole journey including airplane, train,bus tickets and spending money cost me around 200 pounds. This is excluding sleeping because one of my closest friends lives there. If you do go on a normal holiday, my advice is take more than 200 Swiss Franks and look for AirBnB. Food and drinks are quite expensive. Everything is. It is worth it though! Switzerland should be on your travelling checklist.

I bought really cheap plane tickets for only £56 to Basel, which is situated on the Swiss, French and German border. Be careful, there are three exits to the countries and gun men are all over the place. Not scary at all. I actually asked one of the gentleman for directions and he weirdly pointed it, while calmly holding the rifle.

After making it finally through all the security, my loco found me and we headed to the bus which takes you to the train station and then a train –  to Lucerne. Return ticket cost me £30 pounds and only because I bought it way in advance with the help of my friend.


Arriving in Lucerne after living in London and going only to my country for holidays, was like a fresh breath of air, which was literally lung filling clean oxygen.

The sky? Blue with fluffy clouds. It rained the whole weekend and it was still warmer than UK. Such a proud Londoner. There is a river passing through the length of the town with a very strong tide, be careful!

We started slowly walking between the old buildings until we reached her place. Bridges are everywhere! I loved one especially, it was just too damn perfect. Breakfast was the next to-do thing as our usual morning routine in UK so we went shopping. They sell boiled eggs in the store throughout the year!?! Painted as well! It looked like it is Easter all over gain. 😀


Ain’t it pretty?

We drank beer, we were paddling a boat and got stuck in the middle of the lake while raining. It was the perfect day!

Walked a lot as well. Went up to an authentic Hotel Château Gütsch up from which you could see Luzern. Scroll up to see the photo from the beginning if you would like.

You can see my loco being very disappointed because there was no wine bottle opener.


The second day we decided to climb one of the mountains surrounding us. Pilatus was the closest for our lazy asses.

Paid 40 Franks for return to go up the first stop with the lift. It was sooooo high and I am afraid of heights. The view was like a fairyland.  I did not want to close my eyes just in case something was missed.

There is a whole network of paths and you can enjoy the nature with sneakers or whatever shoes you have got. We walked for a

If you are really tired or need a refreshment, the restaurant there serve the best hot chocolate ever.

For first time you can see my actual face! After having this blog for more than year and a half, this is the first time that I just could not cut my face out. Hello! I hope you enjoyed this post and if you do decide to visit Switzerland and in particular Luzern, comment in the box for more tips and what to do!

Thank you!



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