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ZARA Flat leather ankle boots with fringe


Good afternoon!

Yet another London day is passing by and more sales are coming up.

Being a true Londoner means you start getting ready for Autumn/Winter in beginning of August. Especially if you are not caring much of trends and having no money as always, this is the time to act and get yourselves good looking and good quality (one hopes) shoes.

I bought two new pairs from ZARA because of their crazy low sales. One of them is the name of the post – Flat leather ankle boots with fringe.

Fringe has been in fashion for quite a while now, although I started wearing it three years ago with yet another pair of boots I own in colour whisky. A cowgirl was on the go! This is literally how I felt when wearing them in my country. With every step I was taking, people were looking at me like an animal protected from the Red Book and maybe thinking who is that girl with those ugly boots and where did she take them from?!?!? But this is us, Bulgarians.

Anyway, back on the topic.

First of all, the price. Seriously ??? For £13 pounds you get leather boots? Not that I am a fan of leather, actually a true follower of PETA. I really do hope it is faux leather.

They still have the cowgirl look which is preferred and have an unusual grey-ish, white-ish, beige-ish colour. It reminds me of egg shell. So far, so good. I am not quite sure just yet if they are comfy, however, the leather is soft and hugs my feet. ❤

One must love shoes!

Thank you very much for visiting!



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