My precious

ZARA Cut work high heel ankle boots


Can I buy more high heels? Yes, yes I can. Do I have space for them?  Of course not! I live in a tiny room. What about money? Who are you lying, you are rich with £30 for the rest of the month. Now £15.

Oh, well, in Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw was buying Vogue, me ? I buy shoes on sale.

But come on, it is my addiction and this is how I deal with it. Starving.

These beautifully made ankle boots are perfect. Yes, yes, I do say that for every pair and yes, those squeeze my feet like an anaconda is trying to strangle and break my bones, but do you see how beautiful they are? Can you not see yourself pacing down the road with head high up in the clouds and confidence that can bring peace amongst human beings? Just close your eyes and do it. Especially having style similar to mine. I dare you. For £10, can you imagine?

I am definitely buying a camera next month because my phone sucks and I do want to show my style with good quality photos. Samsung, shame on you!

Thank you for reading and keep up!



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