Ye Olde Mitre Tevern


Good day!

Back and on the go! Another really really really old pub and lovely company.

This pub is listed as one of the oldest and hardest to find ever in London. Can you imagine? There is a tiny tunnel in between the houses which we almost, as well, missed. This is why I have inserted a map. Chancery lane is the closest tube stop and you reach Ye Olde Mitre faster than you think, even with heels.

Ye Olde Mitre

This was the first time the ankle boots from this post were actually worn. It is not a good decision to wear heels after all day running in heels. Point taken or not.


The beautiful tavern is quite limited of space but beautifully designed and authentic. There are three rooms, one of which is on first floor with high chairs and comments written and made as comics with frames put on the wall. There was a really old map of the Earth, which looked like boobs to me.

The ground floor – with bar in between the two rooms and small alleys with big barrels to put your drinks on. The price is quite affordable for a place in central London. It was rumoured that Elizabeth I used to visit it. I feel vintage alright and special too.


Definitely recommending it. Just be prepared for a weird and old smell outside of it.

Photos were taken across Google. My phone is lacking good camera.

A lot more adventures to come, I hope, so stay tuned!

Thank you!


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