My precious

ZARA Fringed leather high heel shoes


Good morning people!

Look at those beauties! My obsession with fringe and sale continues. Enlarging my collection is happening yet again.

But c’mon, for £7 pounds a pair, would you not buy them? One of my favourite colours and fringe is embracing the ankle! Yes and thousand times yes. I imagine them with good cut out jeans and the new sweater I got from ZARA, white ish. Very simple outfit which, I swear, soon will be presented here.

It is probably tiring to just look pictures taken from the websites of the shoes added to the blog. Lacking a good camera is what does the trick. I sincerely apologize.

With so many whisky coloured shoes, there is a need of a cute clutch or bag. Don’t you think? My style has changed so much over the years. I could not bare the thought of going out with different coloured bags and shoes. Now, I actually prefer it. It adds so much more to the outfit.



Thank you for reading!



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