My precious

Choies Butterfly ankle strap heels


A long, long time ago, an ordinary girl dreamed about a Sophia Webster a £450 Clara Patent Leather Butterfly d’Orsay Pumps, but Destiny thought “You are just not ready yet.”

Time passed but the girl did not give up and a choice had to be made. “You do not have the opportunity now, my dear” Destiny said, “but I can give you something that you might just like a little bit the same.” For £17, from the app Wish Choies Butterfly ankle strap heels arrived in a months time.

If you know Sophia’s true work of art, you will love the lookalikes. I like them, however, I do hope some day being able to buy the originals.

I have the heels for about two years now and still have not taken them out. Do not worry! Today is the day. I have been working all week in a building where the uniform is different and can wear my own clothes to work. How amazing is it?

Thank you!


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