Summer – what a wonderful time




I am incredibly blessed! I managed to go home for one week in May, two weeks in July and I will spend Christmas with my family! I am excited because I was working all the time, but also there will be a new member added to the family. I cannot wait to share with you all.

Let me continue. Finally, after God knows how many years of engagement, my friends are married! Yay! To be honest, no one imagined this would happen. We hardly believed this relationship will  even last for a few months, how about years. But against it all, they stayed more in love than ever and did it! Congratulations again my lovely ones, I love you and hopefully, I will visit you soon for some shopping spree and a longed coffee in Finland. Do you remember the couple from this post?  I was one of the bridesmaids!


I had so much trouble finding a dress and frankly, it was a bit too much for my conservative town. But whatever. I had loads of fun, although, did not manage to get drunk and dance on the tables as my body fitting lingerie was hiding the transparency of the dress, but also not letting me drink or eat.

Let me give you a piece of advice, if you are buying a dress within a colour and money range, take a few months to find the perfect one. Push the bride to decide the colours, torture her, because the planning of the wedding is not enough stress. Don’t spend insanely large amount of hours two or three weeks before the event to drive yourself crazy and get frustrated.

The task was to find a bodycon light green dress under £30 pounds. Everything I liked was above it. There were 3 or 4 which were adorable but no size 8. Finally, the mint Club L midi dress with Cami strap ASOS for £15 pounds won the race. Clarifying that: got tired of looking and I could definitely rock this one, although quite transparent but with a good pair of shoes and a set of earrings and a necklace, no one would look at the rest. Ha ha at my face, can you see the triangle shape of the bustier? Well, everyone did and stared at my breasts, judged me for not wearing a bra and I could not stop explaining that this is not how my nipples look, my mom washed the dress and the shape just happened! The heels from this post. Whatever…moving on.


The wedding! Ah, the colours, the upcoming rain and a bride who was as wet as an Indian monsoon in June. The laughter, the kisses, the in love looks. He could not take his eyes off of her. Thank you both so much for making us part of this unforgettable day! We are going to do it again in 2017 with the other two love birds. And this year, after 24 moths of never having the time- the six  high school girls were on the same place at the same time! Drama was on!



Look at us, so grown up!

I got a car now! My dad bought it but I am paying him back. A Fiat Punto 1998 cabriolet, it is a vintage babe and all mine and blue like Black sea. Unfortunately, could not try it because the idiots who were making a new rooftop, did not finish it on time. Nevermind, got over that.


The most important of it all, my family. I got to spend so much time with them. At some point, my only desire was to kill them all. Oh, like every family. I ran with both of the dogs. You know Lucky, let me introduce you Sarah – the Karakachan dog.My grandmother started living with us. Everyone else wanted to get rid of the poor baby, but I put my foot down and told dad to make space for her in the yard. So he did. My feet were all scratched from the dry grass and trying to stop this big dog who never actually was taken out with a leash. You can also see my two parrots – Cookie and Papi. How cute are they?

Wow, this post is looking like a diary day-to-day ramblings. Sorry about that, the more information I put, the more I will remember when reading it. Oh, did I tell you I missed the bouquet part? Thank you universe. Our relationship keeps getting stronger.

Thank you for reading all of it. You are great.





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