Soft cookies with bananas and cocoa


Good afternoon!

When you are feeling a bit down, like me today, you need cookies and I promised posting it soon anyway.

The recipe gives you freedom to decide whether you want them really sweet or really banana like or really cocoa tasting like, you can add chocolate drops. It is up to you. I will give you my way of doing it. I love them so much, because it takes 10 mins to make the mix and 10/15 minutes to bake them.

*Mind my way of measuring, I do literally mean a mug for coffee or tea.

What you need:

2 1/2 mugs of white flour (with wheat flour they become a bit bitter)

2 spoons of cocoa (as I said you are more than welcome to put more, I prefer tasting the banana more)

1 tea spoon of baking powder

1 tea spoon of bicarbonate of soda

1/4 tea spoon salt

1/2 mug of sugar

50 grams of butter (to be completely honest, I put as much as I want to and every time is different, but the result is always great)

1 tea spoon of vanilla

4 or 5 bananas

1 egg

You can find the original recipe in Recipes flying across the ocean. It is a Bulgarian blog but you can always translate it with Google.

How to:

You need two bowls – one large and one medium.

In the big one you add – the flour, cocoa, soda of bicarbonate, baking powder and salt. Mix them all nice and good.

The medium – smash the bananas into a paste, put the egg, sugar, butter and vanilla. Mix it really nice. If there are bumps from the banana, calm down. Just think about how soft and tasty they would turn up.

Put the mixture from the medium bowl into the big one. Mix it until you cannot see flour on the surface of the consistency .

Butter the baking tray and grab two spoons. Take from the mixture, with the spoons and start putting your almost done cookies on the tray 2 or 3 cm from each other. Not that they will not become incredible if they get stuck to one another.

The oven should preferably be on 175C/ 350F. Be careful! The cookies could be easily burnt. You need to watch them! In approximately 10 to 15 minutes, they should be ready! And voilà! You are a great cook.

Again, thank you for reading and if you do make them, post a photo underneath the post! I would love to see yours!





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