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DIY My Little Box Stand #2


Good afternoon folks!

One question: are you subscribed for beauty boxes or any kind of monthly subscription? Do you have piles of boxes and live in a tiny room? You are on the right post! Well, at least one of them.

While having drama and restless nights, ideas always start floating on the empty ceiling. What better way to spend the late night than getting covered in hot silicon?

I had at least 7 boxes laying underneath my desk, being too pretty for the garbage and collecting dust, full of items which have not been used yet. My chest of drawers with products was getting overloaded and even though, my previous make up stand was working quite alright, it was just not enough. Don’t worry, I will show it later. It will be a bit like Star Wars and the episodes, but only because I have totally forgotten about these posts. You can make it with boxes from the same subscriber, considering measurements.

What you will need: 

5 boxes with two parts, bottom and top

Hot glue gun with silicon

Unfortunately, it was late at night and my phone does not make good photos in dark or any other time for that matter. Still waiting for the new phone. Officially one hour now! There were not any pictures taken showing the process. This is why I did it today. Again, not good quality.

1.Take one of the boxes. The top one with the drawings is bigger than the bottom one. This is why we turn around the top in order to face down and put the bottom one in it.

2. Take another box and separate them again. This time, put the pure white one vertically in the already made first part.

3. Repeat the first step. Put glue on the edge of the vertical part and stick them together.

Hold on to the boxes until the glue is dry.

4. You should repeat these steps until you think you have enough shelves for your make up stand. Lastly, as I used for mine 5 boxes, the parts left were two top ones. But for this example, was just one. The boxes need support. This is why you should take the last part and glue it under the last one at the top.

There are some photos from my makeup stand.

Thank you very much for reading and see you very soon.

P.S. By the time I finished this post, my phone was delivered!


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